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14 Incredible Benefits of Affirmations + How to Use to Improve Your Life

By now you’ve probably heard about positive affirmations before. However, do you know just how beneficial they are for you?

Today, let’s focus on what affirmations are, the benefits of affirmations, and how to start using mantras to improve your life.

What is an Affirmation?

A positive affirmation, or mantra, is a saying that is true and completely positive. These help you to change your perspective on certain things, including yourself.

Why Should You Use Affirmations?

We all have negative thought patterns, especially about ourselves. Using affirmations will help us to change those perspectives into better, healthier things.

There is a lot of research on the neuroscience of affirmations as well. These are not some weird voodoo things; they are scientific and truly work.

You can use daily affirmations in your life to help you feel better about yourself, including other great benefits you can learn about down below.

14 Benefits of Affirmations

Here are 14 amazing benefits of using affirmations in your life. There are many more, but here are just a few of the incredible benefits.

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1. Motivation

Saying daily mantras can help to motivate you throughout your life. As you repeat phrases that mean something to you, the more you will believe it and it will inspire you to continue on your journey.

Many use affirmations for motivation with their goals and ambitions in life, especially with career or financial goals.

2. Boost Confidence

When using daily affirmations, can definitely boost your confidence. This is more likely to happen when you say positive phrases relating to yourself. These can be physical attributes or characteristics.

The more you say these, the more you will feel confident in the truths behind your affirmations.

Mantras can also help you with upcoming tests, important life events, or even sports. They will help you to build the confidence you need to achieve anything.

Check out these affirmations for self-confidence.

3. Better Health

Affirmations can also benefit your health as well. This is because the more you say something, the more your brain will actually believe it.

So, if you repeatedly tell yourself you love to exercise and eat healthily, your brain will eventually believe it and will help you make that change in your life.

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4. Self-Love

One of my favorite benefits from affirmations is greater self-love. When you love yourself you are better able to love those around you.

As a mom, this is so true. The more I accepted myself and showed myself love, the greater capacity I had to show love to my children.

Check out these 89 powerful affirmations for self-love or try out some self-love journaling to further help you along your journey.

5. Self-Esteem

Affirmations are amazing to help you with your self-esteem. We all like to grow our self-esteem, and this is an easy way to do just that!

You can simply say, “I am a good person. I love myself the way I am” or something along those lines and soon enough, your self-esteem will grow.

Mindfulness, associated with affirmations is also another great way to build your self-esteem.

6. Help you be Successful 

Positive affirmations use the law of attraction where if you want to be successful, you will be. If you say it, you will be.

So say affirmations relating to your success all the time! Watch your happiness grow! Then, be amazed as you see yourself become more and more successful.

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7. Focus on Goals

Sometimes we have goals we want to achieve, but don’t know where to start. Saying mantras will help you to focus on those goals.

One goal to be to love yourself more. You would simply say affirmations relating to your body, your personality, and repeat often that you love yourself.

Relating to the previous benefit of affirmations, they could also be used to help you gain that job you desire.

Affirmations help you to focus on things you want to achieve daily, which brings you one step closer to helping you get what you desire.

8. Change Negative Thought Patterns

This is one of the best benefits of affirmations that I have found so far.

I used affirmations all the time to correct my negative thought patterns. This is something that cognitive-behavioral therapy uses often.

Saying a statement you don’t necessarily believe over and over again will help you to start to believe it.

I used this for when I didn’t have much self-esteem and wanted to feel better about my body, especially my postpartum body.

I originally thought I wasn’t beautiful. But, by saying something as simple as “I am beautiful” every single day, over time I corrected that negative and false thinking.

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9. Decrease Stress

Sometimes you can use positive mantras to help you decrease your stress. This can be done by saying things like:

  • I can overcome my challenges.
  • This is had, but I know I can do this.
  • I will get through this difficult time.

This will help you decrease your stress and find the motivation to help you move forward regardless of a stressful and hard decision.

10. Interventions for Physical Behavior

In many therapy modalities, they use positive affirmations to help overcome physical behaviors. It is incredible if you think about it!

Say you want to overcome a bad habit like overeating. After a meal, you can say something along the lines of “I don’t have to eat anymore. This is enough for me.” This can help you control your mind and your body at the same time.

This is a simple intervention that can be highly effective.

11. Better Academic Achievement

Students who use positive affirmations for academic purposes have better achievements. This is because they learn to believe in themselves, which will lower stress and gain better control over their success.

So many students believe they can’t do something. This can be from past experiences or from negative words someone has once told them. These affirmations can benefit them in helping them change those negative thoughts geared especially toward their studies.

This especially works for moms who are going to school!

12. Optimism

The happiest people are those who tell themselves that they can be happy despite hard times. It is those people who talk themselves through their challenges and tell themselves they can be happy all the time.

They are using positive affirmations, sometimes without noticing it!

13. Self-Compassion

We can all use more self-compassion. Saying affirmations does just that.

I love using affirmations for self-compassion because they are gentle enough to actually help you do it. Other methods seem scary and overwhelming at times. But this is something I can do daily to help me accept myself and my weaknesses.

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14. Emotional Wellbeing

You can also use affirmations for your emotional health. Use them to calm your mind, ease your anxieties, and help you overcome anything.

Many of the benefits above deal with your emotional wellbeing as well.

How to Create an Affirmation

Creating an affirmation is not hard at all. Think about some ideas that you believe are truths, but in reality, or negative thought patterns. Typically many have beliefs that they are not attractive, too big, or small, etc.

Choose words that speak to you and your feelings.

Once you identify those beliefs, you will rewrite them. Usually, this is easier on paper to create your affirmations.

Let’s look at an example:

Negative Thought Pattern: “I am ugly.”

Affirmation: “I am beautiful. I accept myself.”

You can do this for anything and everything you want! Use them every single day and you will start to believe these new truths.

8 Ways to Utilize Positive Affirmations for a Better Life

Here are eight simple ways to help you start using positive affirmations in your daily life!

1. Write your affirmations down and repeat them every day.

2. Start and end your day with at least one positive affirmation.

3. Add self-affirmations to your morning routine. I like to do them while I put on my face serum.

4. Adopt the power of “I am” statements to build confidence, positivity, and certainty in yourself and others.

5. Use positive affirmation cards for on-the-go inspiration.

6. Practice every single day for a month before looking for results. These affirmations take time.

There are many benefits of affirmations to greater your life and help you to reach your goals.

Now that you know the benefits, grab some sets today!