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12 Pregnancy Tips You Won’t Find Anywhere Else 

Learn some of the most crucial pregnancy tips to help you have a pain-free, happy, and energized 9 months of pregnancy. These are some of the best pregnancy advice you won’t see anywhere else!

Pregnancy is an exciting yet overwhelming time. From morning sickness to nesting instincts, it’s a rollercoaster ride that’s hard to navigate without some solid pregnancy advice.

In this post, I’ll share my top pregnancy tips, some invaluable pregnancy hacks, and lessons from what I wish I knew about pregnancy.

I’ve been pregnant 3 times now and have figured out things that made a HUGE difference in my energy levels, pain relief options, and how to have a wonderful pregnancy despite the changes happening.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or adding to your family, these insights will help you through every trimester.

Top Pregnancy Advice You Need to Know

Find out what I wish I knew about pregnancy and discover essential pregnancy hacks that can make all the difference in your journey.

These tips for pregnant moms made a huge difference in my most recent pregnancy, so I really hope they bring you comfort and relief.

No one should have an exhausting, painful pregnancy! There is hope!

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Eat Correctly

I know no one wants to hear this. But, just keep reading, I’ll explain.

I got gestational diabetes with my 3rd pregnancy. At first, I sobbed and thought it was the worst thing ever.

Turned out it was the BEST thing to happen to me.

I learned all about eating habits and how they truly make or break you.

With gestational diabetes, you need to eat an equal amount of protein to carbs. For example, 30 grams of carbs to 30 grams of protein for each meal.

This was a major adjustment to me, since I rarely ate protein. But, when I made the switch, it was like I was an entirely new person.

I actually had energy. I didn’t crash at 10 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm every day anymore. I had energy the entire day, despite being pregnant and having 2 crazy toddlers.

Not only that, but I also lost weight. The fat on my arms that made me super self-conscious disappeared even though I barely changed my workout routines.

At every doctor appointment after my diagnosis, I went down in weight. I slimmed down and looked heathy once again, which I was trying to do before getting pregnant.

So, if you want energy and to be healthy, you probably need to eat an equal balance of carbs and protein.

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Get a Virtual Doula

I struggled to find support, especially from my doctors. And, since I struggle with social anxiety, I knew I didn’t want an in-person doula since I didn’t want to have someone new in my space.

I had no idea there were such things as a virtual doula, but it turns out, there are!

I found an incredible virtual doula during my 3rd trimester and it changed the entire pregnancy for me.

I finally had someone in my corner. Someone who I could ask questions and get honest answers, someone who would research and find the natural and medicinal side of things for me. Someone who would not try to persuade me on anything, but just support me in my pregnancy journey.

It was the exact thing I needed.

If you get anything for your pregnancy, I would highly suggest a virtual doula. You need that emotional support throughout your pregnancy, and can even continue into your postpartum journey too.

Switch Doctors Early On 

I did not have supportive doctors at all this 3rd time around and it was brutal.

No one listened to me, and every time I asked for something I wanted, they always rejected me and told me that I had a normal pregnancy, despite having:

  • velamentous cord insertion
  • gestational diabetes
  • previous shoulder distocia
  • severe anxiety

I had one doctor tell me that my gestational diabetes was not a medical condition at all and doesn’t require special treatment.

I finally tried to switch to another doctor at 32 weeks. But, they told me I was too far along and they wouldn’t accept me.

It was really hard to stay with doctors who I couldn’t trust and who didn’t take care of me at all. I thought I was going to have a still birth and my child die because I was so neglected by them.

So, if you don’t trust your doctor or have an off feeling during the first visit, CHANGE RIGHT AWAY.

You NEED and deserve someone who will support you and give you what you need.

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Try Energy Plus 

Most women do have trouble with their iron levels once they are pregnant, usually during the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Instead of taking an iron supplement, I started using Energy Plus.

It is an herbal extract that uses plants to provide you with the iron you need. It really helps with your energy levels too!

This was the first pregnancy I used it for and I finally didn’t have my doctor tell me I was low on iron. They were actually shocked my levels were so good!

Use Magnesium Lotion

Once you are eating healthier and more protein, you will probably get more constipated, like I did.

You are going to need something to help your body. While there might be some pregnancy safe laxatives, I wouldn’t use them.

Instead, use a simple magnesium lotion. Rub on your belly bump each night and enjoy going with ease once again.

I prefer this over taking another supplement and it works like a charm! Plus, it is also good for leg cramps too.

Learn how to make your own magnesium lotion.

Try Red Raspberry Leaf Extract Not Tea 

One of the most common pregnancy hacks for an easier labor and delivery is to drink red raspberry leaf tea all the time. And it’s for a good reason.

It really can help your uterus and is an incredible herb to drink for all women.

But, it was really hard for me to drink, unless I used a lot of sugar in my drink, which isn’t very healthy.

pregnant mom

Then, I found this red raspberry leaf herbal extract and it was so much easier to take! I could easily put some under my tongue each day and still get all the benefits without the adding sugar.

Check out my favorite baby registry to use when I’m pregnant. I can add things for all different stores, plus it comes with a FREE baby box filled with tons of incredible products too!

Get a Birthing Ball and Butt Pillow Early On 

You already know that you want a yoga or birthing ball, but don’t wait to get one. You can totally use a birthing ball right from the first trimester.

It is so helpful to start stretching with it early on to best prepare your pelvic floor and keep it strong.

I only thought I needed a postpartum butt pillow after I gave birth, but my pelvis hurt a ton while pregnant with my 3rd. I got my donut pillow in the 2nd trimester and I was in heaven.

It is never too early to start getting comfort items! The more relief early on, the better!

Try This Workout

I found this workout to be my absolute favorite throughout my pregnancy.

It is only 12 minutes and is Tabata form, but don’t let that scare you. You do 20 seconds of workout and have 10 seconds off.

Plus, it is all a standing workout, so you don’t have to worry about getting on and off the floor the entire time.

It was easy enough that I could do it when I needed to workout but wanted something light, but also I could go hard and use weights to break a big sweat too.

It worked for all 3 trimesters, and I plan to use it after during my postpartum recovery as well. Even my husband likes this workout!!

P.S. I was able to get a FREE maternity support band that I use whenever I do this workout through Aeroflow. They also will help you get a FREE breast pump too! Be sure to check it out and see if you qualify for a free maternity support band, they are so worth it.

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TENS Unit for Back Pain 

A TENS unit for back pain is another pregnancy must have.

I researched and found that it is safe and an effective way to relieve back pain in pregnant women [source].

I was so happy because I used my TENS unit before getting pregnant and knew all the benefits, I didn’t want to wait 9 months to use it again.

It has been amazing for those random contractions and just after a long day or walking or being on my feet.

It saves my lower back and is even one of the top natural labor pain management techniques I’ve used too!

My TENS unit will definitely be in my hospital bag to use during labor as well.

Sea Moss Sugar Scrub for Belly 

I recently made my own sea moss sugar scrub and decided to try it in the shower for my belly bump.

I was using a pregnancy oil after my shower and a gentle exfoliant soap, but I still got really bad dry skin as my belly grew.

As soon as I used the sea moss scrub, my dry skin went away. My skin was so soft and I truly believe it helped me prevent getting more stretch marks!

I tried other sugar scrubs, but this was the only one that worked for my skin this time around. Give it a try, it might work too!

Lacrosse Balls for Pelvic Pain 

Another one of the best pregnancy hacks I’ve found this time around is to use lacrosse balls for my pelvis pain.

I got this set that uses a lacrosse and a spiky ball. I stand against the wall and put the spiky ball between my butt and the wall. I slowly move around and it instantly releases the tension.

mom with pregnant belly

Sometimes I lay on my bed with the lacrosse ball and do the same thing.

I found it worked better than the chiropractor too! I would go weekly in and they never could figure out how to help my right front pelvis pain, but as soon as I used these balls, it went away!

I love using these balls because I can control the pressure. Some days I like to really get a deep tissue massage and other days light works best.

Plus, it is A LOT cheaper than weekly chiropractor visits!

Take a Pelvic Floor Course 

I really struggled with pelvic pain with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, and even between being pregnant.

I went to countless doctors and no one seemed to figure out what was wrong with me or could help me.

I tried pelvic floor therapy and that didn’t help much. It was more uncomfortable having a random stranger do internal work on me down there.

I found a video one day talking about pelvic floor health and enjoyed the content. So I followed the person and learned about her, and eventually got her pelvic floor course.

It was so simple to go through and it helped me relieve my pain! I learned so much about my pelvic floor to strengthen it during pregnancy, how to prepare for pushing and labor, and how to recover during the postpartum period too.

If you have pelvic pain, give a course a try!

I recently found Every Mother, which helps a wide range of conditions from pelvic floor, to pregnancy, postpartum, prolapse, and so much more.

I am trying it out to see if it helps too!

Pregnancy Tips Wrap-Up

Those are my pregnancy hacks and tips that I had to figure out on my own and things I wish I knew before getting pregnant the first time around.

Whether you are a first time mom or a professional, I hope these pregnancy tips will help you during the next few months.

Being pregnant is hard, but it doesn’t have to be dreadful or painful. Use this pregnancy advice and start feeling better today!